My current work focuses on richly colored abstracted forms inspired by nature and influenced from urban experiences. The work incorporates light-hearted imagery combined with highly textured surfaces leading the viewer into subtle visual discoveries. Ranchita Studio Arts, established in 2019, was born out of the desire to showcase my explorations in mixed media and printmaking.

I live and work in Silicon Valley where I honed my 30-year graphic design career for leading technology companies. For over ten years, positions at CBS Television, Atari and Apple kept me busy before the launch Davis Design in 1993. My range of work includes artistic bike racks, exhibit design to complete branding and marketing communications design. I received my BFA degree in Graphics and Packaging from ArtCenter College of Design in Los Angeles. My hobbies include hiking, riding, cycling, photography, visiting museums, connecting with friends at the local cafe or just hang’n with my cats.


BFA ArtCenter College of Design. Pasadena, CA


2019 Collagraph Master Course Workshop with Susanne Clark
2019 Encaustic Collagraphs with Elise Wagner. Guanajuato, MX
2019 Monotype Explorations: The next level with Jennifer Cole. Kala Institute, CA
2019 Experimental Screenprint with Emily Gui. Kala Institute, CA
2019 Malleable Monotype with Sarah Smelser. Kala Institute, CA
2018 Experimental Watercolor Monoprints with Karen Lederer. Anderson Ranch, CO
2018 Printmaking and Image Transfers with Kathryn Kain. Pacific Art League of Palo Alto. CA
2018 Ink Interaction: Viscosity Layering with Akua Inks with Catherine Kernan. MA
2017 Beyond Direct to Plate: Multiplate Color: Neil Smith and Don Messac. NM
2016 Monoprints with Gloria Huet. Palo Alto Art Center, CA
2016 Printmaking with Claire Siepser. CA


2019 Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Program with Nicholas Wilton
2018 Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Program with Nicholas Wilton
2017 Art2Life Workshop with Nicholas Wilton. Haramara, MX
2018 Mixed Media Collage with Michael Shemchuk. MOCA, CA
2016 Advanced Painting with Katie Hawkinson. Stanford University, CA


2018 Explorations in Printing on Roland VersaUV Flatbed Printers with Bonny Lhotka. CA
Annual Adobe MAX Conferences. Latest software for artists, designers and developers.